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possibly the best logan/ororo moment so far


Okay so I gotta set the record straight here… I saw some people online saying that the current run of Deadpool wasn’t very good and THEY ARE SO SO VERY MUCH WRONG!

The story arc from which the above photoset was taken, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, written by Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn, with art from Declan Shalvey, and colors by Jordie Bellaire, may in fact be the very BEST Deadpool story ever. All the creators are on their A game here, and the story ranges from exciting, to hilarious, to heartbreaking, and back with aplomb. 

For people who think Deadpool is nothing more than a walking punchline, read this collection and learn how wrong you are. You’re doing yourself a disservice by avoiding this series because of preconceived notions. 

I’m signing in London on September 24

I’m signing at Orbital Comics in London. Please come out! Here’s a Facebook event page thing

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Anonymous said: A lot of your writers are mouthing off on Ferguson. Can you make sure that it doesn't dribble into their work? We don't know enough to make judgements yet.


I think you’re on the wrong side of history on this one.


Little comic about how to make zucchini bread in these trying times. Dedicated to CB Cebulski, Mike Hardin, Ming Doyle, and anyone else who sunk my zucchini bread deep within their bodies.

Please Pre-Order These Comic Books!


Hello People Of Earth,

Publishing is a long game. Artists need lead time to do great work, and it can lead to some flukes on the calendar. Basically, this entire autumn, and especially October is one giant fluke for me. I’ve been hard at work most of this year writing comics and a video game (more on that later) but now a lot of material is ready to start rolling off the printer, and I’m asking for my fans to pre-order the comics. 


Nova is ongoing and I think the issues we have rolling out of Original Sin are our best work. Please check out this comic If you’ve not been reading it. The cover for 22 is above, and I can’t say much about 23 or 24 yet, but they’re going to be the biggest issues of the series to date.  

Deadpool continues as well with the return of Mike Hawthorne, this time with Terry Pallot inking him. Almost anything I can show you from Deadpool is a spoiler, but we’re building off our Original Sin arc, and as you know we have a new character joining the Deadpool family…pre-order it!


Death Of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America is a 30 page special, and some of my favorite Deadpool material in a long time. If you’ve been reading and enjoying our run, it’s also a spiritual epilogue to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. It’s out in October but it can be pre-ordered with your retailer. Diamond code: AUG140753


I had been talking for a while with Mark Doyle, an excellent comic book editor about finding the right comic to collaborate on. Mark became the editor of Batman, and I’m grateful for the chance to write Batman during the character’s 75th anniversary. In August I was lucky enough to collaborate with Scott Snyder on Batman 34, with art by Matteo Scalera and Lee Loughridge. It was a dream come true, and it’s on stands August 13th. It’s worth it for Matteo and Lee Loughridge’s work. That stand alone issue has some connective tissue to a series called “Arkham Manor” which will debut right before Halloween. Something unexpected happens and Gotham turns to an old house on a hill to contain the city’s most dangerous lunatics. Check out issue one, it’s my love letter to “eminent domain”. It’s worth it to see what Shawn Crystal and Dave McCaig are up to. They’re going to be your new favorite team. The diamond order code for Arkham Manor # 1 is AUG140199 Please check out this new series which will be introducing new characters while also re-introducing you to a few old ones. 


My run on Hulk begins next week too. Doc Green is the new intelligent, unpredictable and scary Hulk persona, and I’ve had a lot of fun writing what is essentially a science and war story in the Hulk family of comics. The scripts for 9 and 10 are simply bananas and Mark Bagley has been turning in stunning pages. Here’s a preview from issue 5.  It has a neat cover by some up and comer named Alex Ross. I can’t stress to you enough how big and fun this comic is going to be. I just turned in the script for 10, the last chapter of the first trade of The Omega Hulk, and I think Hulk fans will be happy with the amount of smashing, I think I’m happiest to see some very emotional pages from Bags. Here’s a recent interview, too. 


Hawkeye VS Deadpool VS Crime arrives in September and continues monthly. It’s a blast. Matteo Lolli has just been amazing to work with. And how about those James Harren covers? Here’s a preview!  It’s an action-comedy that is such a blast to be working on. I can promise you that Halloween fun will be had. Mistakes will be made, corrected, and justice will be served. 


Last, but certainly not least is the X-Box One game Sunset Overdrive which arrives on October 28th from Insomniac Games. They crafted a hell of a fun ride that I was privileged to be a small part of. I wrote some of the dialogue you might here as you traverse through a brightly colored fun apocalypse. It’s nothing at all like the slow-motion, economic and environmental apocalypse we’re currently drifting through. This one is fun. Check out the hyperlink that opens this paragraph. If you don’t have an X-Box One, it’s finally time to rectify that.

Final thought: From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for allowing me the great privilege of writing what I love for a living. Now get out there, and pre-order all this stuff. 



PS - Sorry, one last plug: if you’re in Cincinnati, London, Dublin or New York -I’m available to sign these dates:

Cincinnati Comic Con: September 5, 6 and 7


8 Great Newport Street
London WC2H 7JA 


I’m a guest at D.I.C.E. EXPO. I couldn’t be more excited about this trip. 

And finally, my last show of the year, and hopefully for a long time:

New York Comic-Con:


My SDCC Schedule

See me this week at San Diego Comic Con 


12PM I’m appearing live on’s live stream. 

3P Signing at Marvel Booth

4:30P Marvel AXIS Panel Room 6DE

Are you ready for Marvel’s biggest event of the year?  In Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, the Red Skull has enslaved thousands, amassed an army and now broadcasts his message of hate across the world.  Earth’s last hope hinges on the fragile alliance of two estranged teams – the Avengers and the X-Men!  A who’s who of Marvel talent and editors will be on hand to discuss this Marvel blockbuster!  PLUS, find out the latest on current and future X-titles! 


3P Deadpool Cosplay Meet-up - Join us behind the con center out on the stairs for a group picture. I think I’ll be heading back to Scott Koblish’s table at II-07 to sign after the Deadpool meet-up.


10AM Signing At Marvel Booth


10AM Marvel Unlimited Panel Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront

Marvel Unlimited Plus members are invited to attend a special member only panel at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel’s Indigo Ballroom! Join our emcee, the ever-lovin’, brown eyed Agent M, Ryan Penagos and a gaggle of outrageously talented creators including Jason Aaron, Simone Bianchi, Gerry Duggan and Todd Nauck for exclusive sneak peeks, reveals, a Q&A session and free stuff!*
*Available while supplies last.  Panel line-up subject to change.  Marvel Unlimited Plus membership does not guarantee entry.

12:30PM Marvel’s Next Big Thing, Room: 6DE

Gather ‘round friends and family to pay respect for our honored dead – the legendary X-Man Wolverine!  The Death of Wolverine is here and it will rock you to the core!  Plus, what happens in the wake of this summer’s murder mystery mega-event Original Sin?  Join Executive Editor Mike Marts, Senior Editor Nick Lowe, and writers Gerry Duggan (Hulk, Nova), Charles Soule (Death of Wolverine), and Mark Waid (Daredevil) for a panel discussion on the next big storylines of the Marvel Universe!

SDCC Deadpool Cosplay Meet-Up

Friday July 25 at 3PM behind the San Diego Convention center there will be a photo-op for anyone cosplaying as a version of Deadpool, Shiklah, Hydra Bob, or any of Deadpool’s supporting cast. 

I’ll be joined by Brian Posehn, Scott Koblish, Jordan D White, Val Staples, Reilly Brown and perhaps other past and current Deadpool creators. Pat Loika will be on hand for a group photo and maybe even an impromptu signing if the riot police haven’t tear gasses us by then. All are welcome!*

*Please, no Wolverines. 


LEGENDary comic book creators Frank Miller, John Byrne, Geof Darrow, Mike Mignola & Art Adams. 1993.

Geof with the flag is killing me! 


LEGENDary comic book creators Frank Miller, John Byrne, Geof Darrow, Mike Mignola & Art Adams. 1993.

Geof with the flag is killing me! 

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Gerry Duggan Takes Over "Hulk" from Mark Waid in August - Comic Book Resources