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Anonymous asked: Is it really so frustrating having people work as editors on your stories as a comic book writer? Many writers talk about it like it was some kind of damnation. I write scientific papers for living, and editors are fundamental....


Editors are essential. any writer that doesn’t see the true function of a really good editor is a narcissist.  is every editor made a equally great cloth? No. but there are many great editors working in this business and every one of them has helped me considerably. they are sounding boards, they are a voices of reason, and for those of us who can’t spell or construct a sentence :-) they are essential.

 a really good editor is someone who has your back and wants the book to be successful. they want you to put your best foot forward and will do anything they can to make your vision see the light of day.

 who doesn’t want that?

Please remember to buy A+X. David Yardin and I and some great collaborators are enjoying ourselves. Thanks! 

Get Your Comics Signed


On Friday Nov 29th I’ll be signing at The Comic Cellar from 3-5 PM with Posehn & Remender. There will be plenty of DEADPOOL comics and collections on hand, as well as all our Marvel work. It would be a pleasure to sign Nova 100 & A+X, both on stands this week. The shop will also be selling the new hardcover of THE LAST CHRISTMAS and copies of Rick’s great new Image comic BLACK SCIENCE. 

Comic Cellar: 135 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801

Then on Saturday Nov 30th Rick, Dean White and I will be signing at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim beginning at 2 PM. 

3024 W Ball Rd Ste G, Anaheim, California 92804

Here is a Facebook clubhouse email event thing for the latter signing:

Finally, on December 4th the three of us will sign along with Koblish from 5-7P at:

The Comic Bug
1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90206


Merry Christmas!



Geof Darrow is an extraordinary comics creator who has written and drawn some of the most imaginative comics of the last 25 years. You’re undoubtedly familiar with whether you know it or not from his concept designer gig for The Matrix trilogy. 

I’ve loved Geof’s work from the moment I first saw it. Hard Boiled # 1. I still get lost in it. It doesn’t matter how many times I go back and enjoy it, there is always something new on every page. I devoured the story of a robot that doesn’t know what he is. The Big Guy & Rusty The Boy Robot followed — it’s a love letter to robots, monsters, comics and was turned into a cartoon and my son’s favorite toy. 

The Marvel NOW! Deadpool audience will recognize Geof as the hyper-detailed cover artist for our first five issues, but that barely scratches the surface of his accomplishments. 

The best news of all is that right now at this very moment Geof Darrow is publishing his masterpiece, The Shaolin Cowboy. His art has never looked better with Dave Stewart as his collaborator. 

Geof shared the completed story with me, and it is his masterpiece. The art is everything you’d expect: crisp, funny, violent detailed action on a gigapixel scale, but there’s a larger point to this new work, and it’s one I don’t want to spoil, so we’ll have to chat about it after. 

You can find a comic shop here

And buy The Shaolin Cowboy digitally right here

This volume of Shaolin Cowboy deserves your attention, and every Eisner it can be nominated for. 

Go try it, you’ll love it. 


Upcoming On Sale Dates & Signings

First, here is the AMAZING cover of Nova 13 by Ed McGuinness. And here’s a short interview about Nova over at Newsarama. And here’s one from Comic Book Resources.


And now, on to some important dates: November 13 The Conclusion Of The Good The Bad & The Ugly arrives in stores and at Preview Declan Shalvey’s finale here.


On November 20th I have a short story in Nova 100 (AKA Nova 10) It’s the hundredth comic published by Marvel with the Nova name on it, and I’m proud that I was asked to contribute. My regular run begins in December. Please do pre-order Nova 10 & 11, and thrill as I try not to embarrass myself following Zeb Wells and Jeph Loeb. Here’s a preview of Nova 100, it’s worth it for the art alone! 

Also on the 20th, A+X 15 arrives. It’s got part 2 of my strange trip with Captain America & Cyclops. Max Bemis has a fun story in it and Say Anything fans will cause this to sell out quick. 

I hit the trifecta on November 20th because The Last Christmas hardcover is released to comic shops with lots of extra material. You can also pre-order the book at Amazon, but it would be nice if you would support a comic shop, especially at Christmastime. Brian, Remender, Hilary Barta and Michelle Madsen worked hard on that, and we hope you enjoy the sad, funny, true story of Santa after the apocalypse. 

On December 5th Deadpool 20 arrives. It’s our third “inventory” issue. This one sees Deadpool on a Wakandan vacation in Marvel’s swingin’ sixties. Scott Koblish & Val Staples accomplished something special with this comic. Here’s an interview about the book with some black and white preview pages. 

Later in December Mike Hawthorne will return to Deadpool for # 21, and this arc is the best Mike’s ever been. Deadpool is messed up from North Korea, Preston wants out of his head, and some familiar faces return to the pages of Deadpool. Jordie Bellaire survived her experience with Declan and will be coloring Mike. A+X will continue through the spring too. 

In January Deadpool Infinite: The Gauntlet arrives. Rather than explain what that is and why you should buy it - read this

The Infinite Horizon is available at shops (hopefully) at Comixology (definitely) and over at Amazon. Phil Noto and I lost the Eisner for that one. (Deservedly) However, we are proud of it and hope you’ll check it out. 

And now, here is where you can get all of the above signed:

Friday November 29: The Comic Cellar (late afternoon)

Address: 135 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone:(626) 570-8743
Saturday November 30 Beach Ball In Anaheim
At 2 PM I’ll be at Beach Ball with Remender, Posehn, and Dean White. 
More info here
Wednesday December 5 Beach Bug
Signing with Koblish from 5p to 7p 
1807 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Saturday December 14 Hypno Comics 12p
Saturday December 14th 
1803 E Main St Ventura, CA 93001
and then in 2014:

January 24-26 Amazing Arizona Con In Phoenix 

Thanks for reading - 


Marvel Comics On Sale In November & December

Marvel Update:

What Now!? is out this week. Brian and I have a short Doc Ock story that was illustrated by Pat Oliffe & Livesay. Lots of other fun stories in that from very funny people. Hope you dig it.

A+X 13 is out now, and part two of Captain America & Cyclops is in A+X 14 in November. That issue also has a story from Max Bemis. Check it out. 

Deadpool 19 is on sale 11-13 It’s Declan & Jordie’s send off.  The Good The Bad & The Ugly concludes. 



Nova 10 is on sale 11-20 It’s the 100th issue of Nova, and I have a back-up story in this issue before inheriting the book in December with Nova 11. 


Deadpool 20 is on sale 12-4. It’s our loving tribute to 60s Marvel. Here’s an interview with me about Deadpool 20:


Also in December - Volume 3 of our Deadpool is collected. “The Good The Bad & The Ugly, collecting issues 13-19.

Thanks again for the support. Hope you dig it, and visit me on Friday and Saturday at Stan Lee Comikaze at the LA Convention Center. 







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Deadpool Signing & Drink-Up

New York Comic Con Programming Note:

On Thursday October 10, 2013 at 2 PM Brian Posehn, Declan Shalvey and maybe a couple of other folks on the Marvel NOW! Deadpool run will be signing at

599 10th Ave
(between 43rd St & 44th St) 
New YorkNY 10036

It’s located around the corner from the Javits. We’ll be there for at least an hour having a pint, taking a break from the show and signing whatever you want us to. 

If you’re under 18 during the signing tweet us gerryduggan and we’ll come outside. 

I have one other official Marvel signing, but Posehn is only in town on Thursday, so we’re doing this guerrilla style. 

Hope to see you there. 

A Mighty Marvel Update

Hi - 

First, thanks so much for all the kind remarks, tweets, reviews, and shit that was shouted at me from passing cars about Deadpool 15 and 16. It’s always very appreciated. Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire are the perfect team for this story, and they’re killing it. 

Meanwhile Scott Koblish, Mike Hawthorne and Val Staples are working in secret behind the curtain on stories that follow The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I want to welcome any new readers that jumped on with this arc. Sales are up, so I have some statistical evidence to support the supposition that these new readers exist. 

Thanks all around, and if you’re a new reader our first two Deadpool trade paperbacks are available in comic shops and e-stores everywhere. 


Volume III guest starring Captain America and Wolverine is called (once again)The Good, The Bad & The Ugly is being rushed to press to arrive the week before Christmas — just in case you want to stuff a stocking with some new, fun Deadpool. Remember, if you’re digging it - please pre-order Deadpool with your retailer. It makes things so much easier. 

Now, I wanted to let you know how Nova is going - it’s going very well, thanks for asking! 

Nova 100 (10) arrives on stands in November. I have a 10 pager that backs-up Zeb Wells’ big finish. I can’t wait for you to read it. 

Then on December 4th — my run begins in Nova 11. Here’s Ed McGuinness’ wonderful cover: image

Please ask your retailer to pull the book for you. It will be worth it for Paco Medina’s contribution alone. I’ve been spending a lot of time to try and get this one right. I’m proud of it, and if you’re enjoying Deadpool — I think you’ll dig this too. It’s fun to write an inexperienced, but very powerful young hero. I’m grateful for the chance to write Sam Alexander. 

Also this fall — my six issue run on A+X begins. I’ve got 10 pages per issue beginning with # 13 to tell a tale that stars Captain America and Cyclops and will span the globe in less than a day. By the Hoary Hosts Of Hoggoth, there will be some fun, surprising guest stars. I was inspired by MIDNIGHT RUN starring Charles Grodin & Robert DeNiro. Two fellas that don’t care for each other sharing an adventure. Good times. 

This fall Image Comics is offering a hardcover edition of THE LAST CHRISTMAS written by Posehn and I, with art from Rick Remender, Hil Barta, and Michelle Madsen. It’s got a glorious Geof Darrow Cover and it’s the true story of Santa Claus after the apocalypse. Please ask your retailer to order it for you. I will use my cut of this book to buy my son food and shoes. 

But wait, there’s more!

I will be at New York Comic Con and signing a few times over the course of the show. I’ll also be on a panel for Marvel. All those details are TBD. 

On Thursday October 17th from 3-5 PM I’ll be signing at Metro Entertainment from 3-5 PM. Address: 6 W Anapamu St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone:(805) 963-2168

I will also sign at The Comic Cellar on Black Friday with Brian Posehn & Rick Remender. Exact time TBD. We’ll sign anything we’ve ever done together or separately. The Last Christmas HC will be out, and Rick’s new Image book Black Science will have its debut that week as well. 

The Comic Cellar
Address: 135 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801
Phone:(626) 570-8743
Then, the next day on Saturday the 30th at 2 PM I’ll be at Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim to sign Nova 100, Deadpool, The Last Christmas, A+X and whatever else you want. (not really) 
More info here
A week later I’m a guest at Stan Lee Comikaze in LA Nov 1-3 at the LA Convention Center. All the info you need is here:
SO please - pre-order your comics, and come find me on either coast and I’ll sign them. Thanks so much again for the support. 


Balling Eli Cash.: That Time I Dated a Juggalo.


It’s not really a secret, but when I tell people they get unusually excited and want to know more. When I was in high school, I dated a Juggalo.

For those unfamiliar, a Juggalo is a person who listens to Insane Clown Posse (or ICP, as they’re known in Juggalo shorthand) and the various rappers on…